Each Petits Four is a miniature multi-layered almond butter cake filled with velvety smooth truffle creams, intriguing fruit fillings, and exotic butter creams. They are enrobed in a rainbow of specialty chocolates for a perfect finish and to seal in the freshness.

Artisan Petit Fours come as follows:

Box of 4 pcs - Minimum order is 1 case (15 boxes)

Box of 12 pcs - MInimum order is 1 case (15 boxes)

Box of 36 pcs - Minimum order is 1 case (10 boxes)

Stored at room temperature, 54-65 degrees, shelf-life is 45 days.

Refrigerated, 35-40 degrees, 90 days.

Frozen, 1 year.

Serve at room temperature for full flavor.

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​Artisan Petits Fours

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